Stefanie Rölz and Tobias Hiltl layed down a perfect launch founding the company. In the age of 19, both high-school graduates met during a holiday job at the “Deutsche Post“.

In the same year, September 1997, both began to sell the first postcards. Stefanie Rölz loved to draw comic-sheep as a motif. Tobias Hiltl on the other side wanted to be a businessman and saw the potential of her drawings.

Only three years later there was already an expand of the productline. A small idea grew to a profitable company with a million turnover and about 60 permanent employees.

The black and white comic-sheep in combination with lovely text messages are not only available on post or folding cards, they are also on over 1000 products in the gift shop business and the publishing.

In 2004 the slogan „Ohne dich ist alles doof“  proved to be a bestseller and the comic-sheep was now available in Europe.

Because of growth and increasing number of employees the office complex was enlarged. The enlargement was finished in May 2008 and offers 2000 m² office space including a warehouse for our online shop.