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Welcome on the ‚Schafhügel Nummer 1‘ in Ursensollen. Click on the magnifying glasses to see pictures from the sheepworld central office. To get a updated view on the sheepworld head office click on the camera symbol.

Sheep love it green

‚Go green‘, act with thought, consider environmental aspects, take responsibility for our environment and our following generations; all of this have a high priority at sheepworld. The first step ‚to go green‘ was made 2005 with the rebuild of the sheepworld central office and a environmentally friendly geothermal energy heater. After the enlargement in 2008, almost 2000 m² office space is heated by this technology. In the summer this technology also cools the office.

What characterizes an environmentally friendly office building?

Besides the self recovery of the heat energy, we also produce our own electricity. Since August 2008 there are solar collectors on the roof area. There are 113 photovoltaic-modules with an efficiency of 205 to 210 W. The maximum producible electricity is 23,31 kWp.

Now to the impact we made so far:

  • So far the decrease of the CO² emission is about 40.000 kg CO²
  • The total generated energy is about 57.000 kWh
  • Sheepworld uses all in the summer gotten energy