sheepworld is active in many foreign markets.

Our sheeworld products are also available beside Germany, Austria and Switzerland  at our partners and salesmen in foreign countries.  In the interactive  sheepworld world map (look above) you can find contact details of our partners. You as a customer can always contact our partners and check which sheepworld products are available close to you. If you as a salesmen have interest to get our products in your product range, feel free to contact one of our partners near to you or simply contact the sheepworld central office in Ursensollen.

Our post and greeting cards areavailable in many different languages like: Czech, Hungarian, Danish, English, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian and many other languages.

And this year there will be an improvement of our international product range, with Swedish and Spanish greeting cards.

For a better overview of the sheepworld presence in foreign countries, go with your cursor on the sheepworldworld map above. Click on a specific country to get contact informations from the local partners or salesmen.